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A set of core skills developed over the course of my career has resulted in more leads generated, increased sales, a better customer experience and a boost in Return on Investment (ROI).
Strategic Marketing

I have demonstrated leadership ability in my work and as a leader of professional and nonprofit organizations. Roles have included forging new paths, building teams and leading boards of directors. Leadership demands more than managing. It requires setting the pace with vision, integrity and collaboration.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been a strong component of my multi-channel campaigns. I have connected with consumers and business decision-makers via email, landing pages, digital advertising, content, social media and SEO/SEM. 

An ability to understand target audiences has been a cornerstone of my career. I have utilized research and listened to customers to identify their challenges and opportunities. That insight has enabled me to create a crystal-clear marketing strategy that provides value and achieves objectives.

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Project Management

Vision, team-building and strong communication have been consistent elements in projects I have led. Laying out a clear path and fostering collaboration kept projects on time and on  budget. A focus that never faltered led to success.

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